Session One: The Innovators of Tomorrow 

08:00 - 08:30
Registration and Networking
08:30 - 09:00
Welcome Addresses
09:00 - 09:15 
Investing in Girl's Education - A Humanitarian issue or a Business Case?
Key Note with Fiza Farhan
Youth Boom and Innovation


Is poverty increasing or decreasing? Population growth - Youth Boom and Innovation. 

Technology is changing our education landscape, The need to invest in health and education is essential, with population growth to increase in Sub-Saharan Africa & Asia. The worlds Innovators of Tomorrow, the children who can transform the poorest continents have already been born, or are about to be born.



Prince Randy Alam-Sogan - Chairman & Chief Investment Strategist of the
Black Lion Holdings Group

Dr Per-Olof Hansson - Senior lecturer, Linköpings University

Malin Frithiofsson - social justice disruptor, business developer, columnist & public speaker.




Don't Let Your Mind GO
Key Note with Mirela Sula

10:30 - 10:50


Session Two: A Digital Ecosystem 


11:00 - 11:10



How Can Education for Girls Lead to Greater Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


Talent pipelines

A new era for role-models: have women finally broken through the glass ceiling? If not, what are the remaining areas that need addressing?

Business growth – has there been a slowdown in progress with more women being empowered to start and run successful businesses?



Hugo Ortiz Dubon - C/O Owner at We Link Sweden


Valerie Todd - HR Consultant


Natalie Mellin - D&i Leader, Speaker and Advisor

Betty Encinales - Director in Fintech & Finance

Hello World! Joining Forces To Make Digital Education Available To All
The world needs more engineers and digital skills are vital for everyone to being competitive.  Hellow World, a non-profit organization, joined forces with companies and engineering students to inspire and educate kids and youth regardless of socioeconomic background and gender..


Ulrika Dellby - Founder at Hello World

Maria Arneng - Secretary General at Hello World


Defiant Women 


Private sector solutions:

why are some women taking on technology by storm?


The role of women as entrepreneurs or businesswomen through technology has become more possible.   The journey of every defiant woman begins with a role model -  The cost of success? - Education and professional Obstacles.



Anna Svensson -Head of Innovation at SolTech Energy

Pernilla Nordström - Director at PWC Sweden


Heaven Bereket Gebeya - Chief Business Development Officer of the Pan African Ed tech and online Marketplace company Gebeya

Sofia Breitholtz - CEO at Reach for Change




12:30 - 13:30



Bonnier News Tech Keynote

Lina Hallmer CTO of Bonnier News Tech

The Legacy of Sport



Benjamin Ackim – MD at Sports City London


Session Three: The Innovators of Today

14.10 - 14.30
Period Poverty and Innovation


Menstrual Health Management (tackling factors that can disrupt a girl’s ability to participate in school, safety and dignity)



Dr Karin Hogberg


Mariann Eriksson - National Director at Plan International Sweden

Charlotte Brunnström - Program Manager at the H&M Foundation

Unlocking Student Talent Through Technology: What are the Education Initiatives which are overcoming Barriers to Equality in Education?


Technology is transforming the way we learn.  What are the education initiatives which are paving the way for an equal access to quality education?  How are we tackling issues such as student engagement, accessibility to schools and disability? 



Zara Ardley - Employee Experience Director, EMEA at Adobe.


Katarina Stensson - CEO & co-founder at Checheza

Binette Seck - The top 33 Female Tech Leader in Sweden (according to

Karl Alfredsson - Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Ernst Roben

Women In Tech Gothenburg Panel

Annaam Butt - Board Member at Women In Tech Gothenburg

Pooja Sousthanmath - Board Member at Women In Tech Gothenburg

Session Four: Blind to Value 

Blind To Value  - The Voices of the World on Child Rights


Rana Husseini – Award winning Journalist and Author

Omar Makram - Project Manager & Lecturer at GAPF (Glöm aldrig Pela och Fadime


Paul Hutchinson - Founder of Child Liberation Foundation
Veronica Koutny Sochman - Manager of Corporate Relations & Partnerships at
Plan International Sweden


A New Kind of Leadership - Ellen Bjerkehag
This panel will be discussing the real meaning of 'inclusion' 'innovation' and Leadership'

Ishtar Touailat - Serial Entrepreneur & Activist | Founder of Futuristas & Head of AI & Innovation at Teachbuddy

Azita Shariati - President at Sodexo Nordics | CEO Healthcare Nordics | Country President Sweden

Barakat Ghebrehawariat - Entrepreneur, Democracy Agent and founder of change agency Demokrateam, CEO at Demokrateam

Suzan Hourieh Lindberg - Head of Diversity Management and Brand Partnerships & Founder & CEO at Social Few

Frederik Bergljung - Leadership and Culture at Bonnier News Tech


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