Anna Svensson


She is one of the youngest inventors within solar energy solutions. At the age of 28 she had already invented a solar roof tile – SolTech ShingEl - which can replace traditional concrete roof tiles. She implemented her idea, by making simple hand sketches, CAD-files, construction drawings, procured suppliers, negotiating prices and set up a small-scale production in Sweden.


A year later the interest on the market increased for the product, so she adapted the production process for large scale production by constructing a new design improved for another manufacturing technique and went to Hangzhou, China, to set up a mass production line. A year later she extended SolTech Energy's product range by making a larger solar tile - SolTech Roof.

Sustainability solutions have always been of great importance to Anna. Apart from BIPV, building integrated solar panels at SolTech Energy she has accomplished different field studies and developed a variety of innovations, for example; making furniture at IKEA more sustainable by reducing material, researched the Arctic environment at Spitsbergen and she has also been part of a team who developed a prototype car powered by fuel cell and hydrogen which was presented to president Obama during his visit in Stockholm 2013.


Her strive for eco design with a vision of making recyclable solutions from cradle to cradle has not been an easy journey. Because of her dedication and knowledge within the field she has been nominated for “Power woman of the year 2018” by Kraftkvinnorna and her invention - SolTech ShingEl - was awarded with the Quality Innovation Award 2018 from Swedish Institute of Quality, an institute initiated by the Swedish Government.

She has a great interest of seeking knowledge within different fields. Anna holds a master’s degree in Industrial design and engineering from The Royal Technical University in Stockholm she also attended law school at Stockholm’s University for a few semesters to learn with the best. Immaterial rights proved to be very useful when applying for her first patent on behalf of SolTech in 2015.

To share her expertise, she sits in innovation panels to help others with their ideas and what to do next. In 2018, she was a speaker at the Women in Tech Conference in Stockholm, where she shared her knowledge and experience of the development process of her inventions trying to contribute to a greener future from a young woman perspective