We have been working extensively with Budondo primary & St. Stephen senior secondary school, in Jinja-Uganda.  All students regardless of their geographical location, gender or social status have immense potential, and are avid learners. As an organisation we are fully committed in sponsoring some of the most vulnerable students.  From 2015 through to 2016 we enrolled over 10 students who were missing out on school all together.  We have supported a total of 30 students, through our own network and communities.    

Current Projects

Jinja - Uganda

As a social enterprise Raices is building its community projects through memberships of individuals and corporations.  We are establishing partnerships who like us believe in equality and working at grass roots level with communities. 

Our focus is to help achieve quality education for all, we believe that education is key for systematic and generational progress. 

Our £10 a month student  school programmes provides students with all of their essentials to be able to perform and excel in school.  We believe that every child deserves the best start in life.  We are creating the first llibrary in Jinja, allowing children  to experience storytelling and creativity.  We want to create a community where like-minded people want to make a positive impact.  Please join our membership plan today and join us on this journey.

Create an impact by supporting our students through our membership programme.

Our membership programme provides a unique opportunity where we invest 100% to the beneficiaries.

School equipment

In order to help the students under our programme thrive, we provide all of their school equipment. This also relieves some of the financial burden of families who are unable to provide some of the essential school materials, many of us take for granted. 


School uniforms

It is a prerequisite in all schools in Uganda, for families to provide  the school uniform in order to be enrolled at a school. In some cases, this is a very costly requirement, which leads to children missing out on school all together.  We work with the local tailor, and provide free school uniforms to the children we are sponsoring. 

Free School meals

The government of Uganda has placed a strong emphasis on Education,

Despite its large expenditure, parents are expected to contribute towards development fees for their children's education. In addition school meals are not included in the fees.  This high cost for families has meant that  children drop out of school at an early age.  Which explains the country’s very high primary school dropout rates.  Our programme provides free school meals, there are many children who go home early because they are hungry and dehydrated.


We are creating the first ever children's library in Jinja - Uganda. We want to create a space where children can fall in love with reading. Storytelling is a big part of businesses today. 

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