Fredrik Bergljung



Fredrik works with organisation, leadership and culture at Bonnier News Tech. His primary driver is to create a workplace characterized by openness, generosity, and authenticity. We create the best products when we geniunely care about our users, our world and society, and each other.


While many puts the individuals at the center, he claims that it is rather the relationships between individuals that are the smallest significant units of an organisation; there’s a fundamental difference between a group of people working individually next to each other, and a group of people working together collaboratively. The predominant way of managing is to focus on the individual person and drive her by using carrots and sticks, and the relationship between manager and employee is about power and subordination. The employee is held responsible - for better but more often for worse - for the results. If we instead take a more systems thinking-oriented perspective and acknowledge that results is rather an organic product of a system than the sum of individual achievments, we also have to fundamentally reconsider the ways in which we organize and manage an organization.


Fredrik has developed a severe case of allergy to Agile development and is more interested in topics such as organizational psychotherapy, theory of constrants, and Theory U.