Ishtar Touailat


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Ishtar Touailat was awarded The Future Female Leader of the year (2018), Sweden’s most powerful business woman of the year (2018) and IT Woman of the year (2016).


Touailat is the Head of the Innovation Incubator of Data-Driven Business at Tieto, a Scandinavian IT Company. A department that specializes in developing cutting edge software for a consumer market with technologies like AI and Internet of Things.


She is an awarded entrepreneur that has made an impact on business in Sweden through companies such as Student competence (Studentkompetens), Startup Bootcamp and Women in Business Accelerate. Creating platforms to share insights on entrepreneurship, technology and business.


Touailats latest movement, FUTURISTAS, was created from the mission to equal the playing field of business. This is done in different forms by supplying knowledge and insights from the forefront of tech, entrepreneurship and business disruption to women of all occupations, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.


Touailat is an experienced public speaker at both national and international events, ranging from boardrooms to venue arenas. Featured in both national and international medias such as: The Guardian, New York Times, Huffington Post, BBC, Swedish Television.


Awards in selection:

• Swedens most powerful business woman 2019

• Future Female Leader of the Year, 2018  

• Future Leader of the Year, 2018

• Sweden’s most powerful Business Woman, 2018

• Sweden’s Super Talent 2017

• IT Woman of the Year, 2016

• Sweden’s Top Innovation Talent, 2015