Karin Högberg


Higher education degree

- Registered Nurse, University of Borås, 1997

- Master education Informatics, University of Gothenburg, 2001

- Master education Caring Science, University of Borås, 2006


Doctoral degree

- Nursing Science, University of Jönköping, 2015


Current position

- Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare, University of Borås, 2001 -


- Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kristianstad University, 2017 -



- Bachelor students, 2001 –

- Master students, 2015 –

- PhD student, Malin Jacobsson, 2017 –

Research profile and ongoing research activities

My thesis was about information and communication technology (ICT) for counseling to patients with hematological diseases. Today, I am involved in three research projects, where ICT is a feature of at least one of them.

One project is about developing and evaluating an online education in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), targeted to low-income countries. This interdisciplinary project takes place in collaboration with Linköping University and University West.

My second project is about development of a reusable sanitary pad “Spacerpad”, which is in collaboration with researcher Lena Berglin at the School of Textiles at University of Borås. This project has been successful in terms of funding, and today we have a prototype being pilot-tested by Swedish women.

I am also involved in, and partly driving, a third project about sleep / stress in schoolchildren, where Malin Jacobsson is a PhD-student and I am co-supervisor. This project is in cooperation with the Public Health unit in Borås and a number of elementary schools.


- Research funding, 300 TSEK, Sparbankstiftelsen Sjuhärad, 2018

- Innovation funding, 300 TSEK, Chalmers Innovation Office, 2016/17

- Conference funding, 80 TSEK, Forte, 2017

- Research funding, 296 TSEK, Sparbankstiftelsen Sjuhärad, 2017

- Patent review, 25 TSEK, Almi, 2015

- Development funding, 300 TSEK, Swedish Cancer Society, 2009


Jacobsson, M, Josefsson, K, Jutengren, G, Sandsjö, L & Högberg, K (2018). Sleep duration and sleeping difficulties among adolescents: Exploring associations with school stress, self-perception, and technology use. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Science. (accepted for publication)

Högberg, K, Sandman, L, Nyström, M, Stockelberg, D, and Broström, A. (2016). Caring through web-based communication - A qualitative evaluation of a nursing intervention to create holistic well-being among

patients with haematological disease. Journal of Holistic Nursing. (09). DOI:10.1177/0898010116667343

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Högberg, K, Bondas, T. (2009) Informationsteknikens betydelse för sjukskötarens vårdande. Hoitotiede, 21(3),


Peer-reviewed conference contributions

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