Malin Frithiofsson


Malin is a social justice disruptor, business developer, columnist and public speaker.
In her work at UBI top world ranked VC and tech incubator Chalmers Ventures, as
well and in her position as chairperson for Women In Tech Gothenburg, she has
dedicated herself to making the entrepreneurial scene more diverse and inclusive.
With degrees in both gender- and global development studies, and a background
in developing both NGO’s and tech startups, she has a fresh and interdisciplinary
perspective on the social importance of business.
This, combined with an endless
quest to review and analyze all new scientific findings in the intersection of
entrepreneurship, society, tech and gender, has made her an apt educator and
inspirateur for organizations or institutions wishing to broaden their perspectives on
business and value-based leadership.
She has previously worked as a researcher and project lead at the red cross
project “Welcome2Sweden”, which was named “integration project of the year”
in 2017 and had its findings used as basis for policy changes in the municipality of
In line with being a self-proclaimed hopeless idealist - for the summer
of 2019 she turned down an opportunity to set up an Angel investor network in
New York, for the benefit of setting up an entrepreneurial program in Tanzania with
Engineers Without Boarders.
Outside of work she has travelled the world in pursuit of the prettiest mountain
view, sailed between two continents and started a feminist football team that was
great at everything except football.